Laptop Cooling Pad Xtreme-A6

৳ 500.00

  • Good Air Flow
  • Unique Non-Slip Technology
  • High Cooling Performance
  • Use This Cooling Pad To Cool Your Laptop
  • Silent Use Of More Comfortable Feeling
  • With The Help Of Ergonomic Design And The 2 Adjustable Height Setting.
  • Xtreme-M119A Laptop Cooler Provides You With The Most Relaxing Incline Angle For All-Day Viewing And Tying.
  • 1 Fans With Adjustable Wind Speed Obviously Improve The Cooling Performance.
  • Need Extra USB Ports While Using Xtreme-M119A Laptop Cooler? Just Plug It Into One Of The 1 Additional Pass Through USB Ports On Xtreme-M119A Laptop Cooler.


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